YWW Day Zero: Getting Settled In

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I left home bright and early and caught the morning train from home to Philadelphia and from there the connection to New Haven. Going by train was a throwback to the countless journeys in India between Coimbatore and Chennai and later Chennai and Bangalore. The sense of timelessness knowing you are on your own with no demands on you or your time is liberating. I people watched, devoured the passing scenery hungrily and eventually even managed a nap.

Getting off the Uber at Yale, I called the housing helpline and soon found myself struggling to catch up with the young volunteers who steered me through the process of registration and finding my dorm. The room is simple, stark and devoid of anything but the basics. I lost no time unpacking, setting my bed with the white linen and feeling at home. For the moment it seems like I am all alone in this dorm. Tomorrow I get to find out who my roommate will be.

After the initial excitement wore off, I strolled through the campus and outside figuring out where I was located with respect to the nearest eateries and grocery store. I returned carrying water, fruits and a cup of coffee. Through the day, I saw many like me rolling in suitcases and finding their way.

The university by itself is quaint, the sound of bells tolling every hour adds to the charm. I can actually hear birdsong outside my window. I suspect I will call it a day shortly and retire to bed so I can wake rested.

Tomorrow afternoon the workshop starts and I am looking forward to it.

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