Acknowledging Failure And Letting Go

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Three years ago, I started writing a book that was a germ of an idea in my head. The first draft wrote itself practically. It was a skinny book at less than 150 pages. All my research said novels need to be over 200 pages. So, I went back, added backstory, expanded on some sections and the result was a tidy novel. Except it looked the way it was written. Impulsive, patched up and juvenile.

I put it away for a few months. Months turned into years and today it hit me that the story will never get polished and written. So, I decided to acknowledge failure and let it go. As a way of letting it go, I published it on Wattpad warts and all.

It truly feels liberating!

10 thoughts on “Acknowledging Failure And Letting Go

  1. The best thing about writing is wandering aimlessly and we always keep learning as the first step is taken. This is courage for seeking the weak spots. More power Laksh,

  2. I guess thats very writer’s dilemma. I have written quite a few and yet to be published. The feeling that its “not good enough” haunts me. Letting it go aint easy

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