Acknowledging Failure And Letting Go

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Three years ago, I started writing a book that was a germ of an idea in my head. The first draft wrote itself practically. It was a skinny book at less than 150 pages. All my research said novels need to be over 200 pages. So, I went back, added backstory, expanded on some sections and the result was a tidy novel. Except it looked the way it was written. Impulsive, patched up and juvenile.

I put it away for a few months. Months turned into years and today it hit me that the story will never get polished and written. So, I decided to acknowledge failure and let it go. As a way of letting it go, I published it on Wattpad warts and all.

It truly feels liberating!

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  1. I guess thats very writer’s dilemma. I have written quite a few and yet to be published. The feeling that its “not good enough” haunts me. Letting it go aint easy

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