Product Review: Canvas Champ

photo of brown and white photo frames hang in wall
Photo by heather bozman on

A few weeks back, a representative from Canvas Champ reached out and asked if I could provide an unbiased review of their product in exchange for one canvas print. I was wary but agreed.

They sent me a code to use during checkout for a 16X20 print. The process itself was straightforward. I went to their website, selected the size I wanted, uploaded a picture and selected options and checked out.

A day later I realized I uploaded the small resolution image instead of high resolution. I called them and the person I spoke to was helpful. He asked that I email them the high-resolution image with my order number and they would swap the pictures out. I did as they asked and a day later I had an email from them asking me to check the image proof. It looked good and I clicked confirm. Shipping was equally quick and my print reached me within the time frame promised. I placed the order on May 5 and the print reached me on May 11. 

The packaging was good and the quality of the canvas very good value for money. Hop on over if you are looking for good quality canvas prints at a reasonable price. To compare, a quick check tells me a popular photo printing online shop charges about $65 for a 16X20 print while the same print costs less than $20 here.

If you do go ahead and order, do let me know what you think.

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