Little Things That Mean Much


As I tend to do every morning, I turned my alarm off and clicked over to my email. Other than my regular messages from all retailers I frequent offering sales and discounts for Mother’s Day was one email from a reader that made me hop out of bed and start my week with a smile.


I have been blogging for years now and often people I meet in real life will preempt conversation because they have been following my blog and already know what I am about to talk about. Sometimes, someone new I meet will tell me that they read my blog and that they like what I write and how I write.

Then there are days like today when I wake after a night spent laboring over an essay for my upcoming Yale workshop and feeling like an imposter and I see an email that tells me that someone, somewhere actually looks forward to reading what I write. Perhaps the reason it means so much is that I know exactly how that feels because I have my favorite blogs. The ones I catch up on religiously each week. The ones that feel like a friend sitting across me at the cafe and bringing me up to speed on their lives. The ones that make me feel less alone.

Last night I finished writing, read and re-read what I wrote and pressed upload. Then I read the other pieces that were submitted and my heart sank. These people really knew what they were doing. Their prose shone, there was no repetition of words, their language had a cadence all its own, their voice was unique and the pacing perfect. I went to bed feeling inadequate and less than.

So, dear A, thank you for taking the time to tell me that you connect with what I write. Thank you for letting me know that what I write makes you smile. Most of all thank you for taking the time to write, to reach out and say hello. You made my day!

3 thoughts on “Little Things That Mean Much

  1. You are an excellent writer Laksh, no doubts about that. You will become an even better one after the workshop. Yay for your readers!

  2. What makes a good writer? The answer can vary with different people and even the same writers are good / not so good on a timeline continuum.To me, it is whoever can reach the audience and make them relate and want to come back for me. To me, you are an excellent writer….use the Yale workshop as a tool but please dont over correct your excellent intuition and voice.

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