The Year Of The Walkbacks


As is now a habit, each year as we count down to the next year, I take stock. I trawl through my archives looking for the salient, the mentionables, the highpoint(s) of the year gone by. They are few and rare in between.

This year January brought with it the era of the Drumpf, a blot on this nation’s history. It also brought with it the Women’s March, an upswell in activism amid women of a certain age. It brought to the fore uncomfortable conversations. It “woke” many people up.

February was largely personal. March has always been a birthday month in our home and dance and music held sway. April saw me make new friends at a Writer’s workshop. My writing took a backseat but I sure met many kindred souls.

May, the otherwise ordinary month, the month before Summer officially starts, the month where I as a mother am ready to give up was filled with conversations and musings on race.

June brought with it a nice holiday in California and probably the first and only time I went viral. The initial HuffPost piece was shared and re-shared. I was interviewed on BBC Radio, reporters called to interview and I met a filmmaker who piqued my interest.

July saw me on The Takeaway on NPR and I tried podcasting and gave it up when I realized it required a lot more out of me than I was comfortable giving.

August saw me joining another blogger and friend on a webzine venture. the Parent Voice, was launched and it gave me a new identity. School started and with it came a semblance of peace at home.

September saw us celebrate Navarathri and participate in a short documentary on adoption. We also brought home Darla, a pup from the local shelter.

October saw me return the pup to the shelter and go away on a three day adoption retreat in Columbus OH.

November was all about gratitude, food and a last minute trip to India for a wedding.

December has been about walking back on yet another major decision. I stepped down from the Parent Voice, realizing I did not have it in me to be an editor. I will still be associated with the magazine but not in an editorial role.

In all, it has been a fairly tumultuous year. I call it the year of the walkbacks, the year of people and the year I tumbled down the rabbit hole of cluelessness.

6 thoughts on “The Year Of The Walkbacks

  1. Laksh, so sorry about the walkbacks and glad about the little triumphs and precious moments. I hope 2018 will be kinder to all of us. ❤

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