10 Reason Why Kids Will Change Your Life


  1. You get to enjoy watching the sun rise on a Sunday morning in the predawn hours even if you only went to bed at 2:00 AM
  2. You went to bed at 2:00 AM because you *finally* got four uninterrupted hours to read that book that has been lying on your bedside table for a few years.
  3. You learn to find beauty in dried, moth eaten dandelion by the roadside all the while reminding yourself that your children must wash their hands with soap and water once they get home.
  4. You reconsider all the reasons you had against pet parenting after dealing with bodily fluids for over eight years. How much can one more being in the house change things?
  5. You learn to multitask. Really multitask, like writing a blog post while shooing away two children who want you to fix their karaoke right now and pick out hair from a blob of play-doh and try to drown out Despacito that is blaring at full volume next to you. And rock it all.
  6. You learn the art of navigating obstacle courses literally and figuratively. Taking a break right when you hit your stride at work? No problem. Stepping over legos in the dead of the night because your toddler wants her paw patrol bottle right now? No problem.
  7. You are mentally prepared to do-it-all. You go over all kinds of worst case scenarios in your head all the time that nothing in real life actually fazes you.
  8. You learn to prioritize. Really prioritize. Stomach bug on the morning of the weekend getaway you planned for a year now? What is another cancellation? Bagging up eight bags of barely used clothes with tags on them because your twins cannot wear things that do not fit them just right? It’s just money, right? Right?
  9. You get adept at going with the flow. So what if you are in Disneyland finally at 2:00 in the afternoon and your child decides she cannot wait in line for 40 minutes or you are next in line to the prized Frozen meet the characters and your child has to go potty NOW. You leave. You attend to your child and get back in line and wait another hour and do not complain.
  10. You finally attain Nirvana. You understand the basic truth that food is the solution to all problems. Cranky? Eat. Angry? Eat. Sad? Eat. Happy? Eat. Life is good with food in the belly.

7 thoughts on “10 Reason Why Kids Will Change Your Life

  1. You get a whole different gyan when they reach teenage! And one wonders why it took Siddhartha THAT long! He could have just asked Yashodhara

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