Podcast: Episode 3: Self Worth


  1. I really liked this podcast. I liked the first one too. The second one felt a bit like reading off a paper, even though the content was still You.
    Self-worth is something I think a lot about, so this podcast I could relate to even more. Money (or getting paid) feels like an external validation, without which I am often left confused. I compare myself with my peers – I did everything they did, sometimes better, but I am left having to explain my ‘lack of success’ or apologizing for falling behind. It drives me to overcompensate in some other spheres of life – maybe taking on the responsibility of adding value to another person’s life, or feeling burdened by self-imposed deadlines and so on.
    Oh I can see this evolving into something bigger than a comment, maybe we can have a conversation about it someday!

    • We should. You are on the right track with your thinking. Am 41 now and finally feel am at a place where I don’t seek external validation as much. It has been a long journey to this space.

  2. The whole thing is about validation from everywhere else but you, I think. I didn’t do it as much before but here and there in my 30s, it would be a situation where I would wonder if I had lagged behind or wonder if it was worth it to not work outside the home. The more I see, the more I get that this time and energy that I have given to myself and my family is priceless. And now, I work, they work, it works.

    You’re hitting your stride with the podcasts, though the ending was just a tad bit abrupt. The spontaneous style suits you and the content best. You got this stuff, don’t need it written down! 😀

  3. I never used to bother about validation growing up. Think it was more since 2000 that I look/ crave for it. Still do. Certainly not at a place where I can say it is ok to be where I am.
    Reg. the podcast as such it was good. Sounded just what you are. More such podcasts and you will find the flow sans fillers. You are a wordsmith so let the words just flow 🙂

    • Thank you 😊 It sure was a journey to get to this point. If you never looked for validation before but do now, it possibly is because of your experience(s). Also, just because I am feeling worthy now does not mean it will last. To me it was about realizing pleasure exists in simple things but only when am sure my basic needs are met i.e., I am sure of my finances, food and shelter.

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