Podcast: On Relationships

My take on how to survive intense relationships.


  1. Wonderful, Laksh! A sage piece of advice and I love that mantra in the end. It isn’t easy to let go but eventually, I’ve come to realize people come and go from our lives for a reason. Sometimes, the reason is not too obvious, though.

  2. I would love to read on other people’s journey with these relationships that leave us. I think it would be very interesting to see how others deal with the loss and to look into why some relationships do not need to last or why not? It is kind of the unspoken area of friendships. We know romantic relationships do not last and that seems accepted but what is surprising to me as an adult is how few times friendships ending is not discussed.

    • That is a lovely idea to invite others to share stories. Someday, when I feel up to inviting guest posts, I will do this. Fascinating subject.

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