BBC Asia Radio Interview 

The alarm went off at 3:00 AM and I stood sipping coffee in the cool back patio of my sister’s home while my Amma sat on the recliner inside listening intently to the radio online. She made a picture. Her eyes narrowed in focus, her glasses perched midway on her nose. Her coffee cup sat to the side. Watching her through the glass provided perspective. We are not a physically demonstrative family. We don’t do war whoops of joy on momentous occasions. We smile, nod our heads and go our ways.

But we wake up when it counts, show support silently, tune in to the radio at 4:00 AM, read comments on shared pieces and quietly feel proud.

The interview call came in 10 mins past the time I was told. I paced the tiny patio, blowing into my thumbs, practicing deep breathing and thinking happy thoughts. The trees swayed in the mild breeze. I felt calm. Zen.

For twenty minutes I participated in a conversation that made me think, process what was said and then reply. I held on to the phone long past the interview just savoring the moment. I walked inside feeling good.

My amma and I traded glances and I walked upstairs feeling gratitude for everything.

14 thoughts on “BBC Asia Radio Interview 

  1. Hi Laksh,

    Congratulations on your article. I am so happy that your marvelous writing reached millions of people with a beautiful unifying message of love, and belonging.

    PS: Would like to hear your interview segment – could you link to the piece? I think it takes you to the complete stream

      1. Thank you Laksh – that was a wonderful interview. Your mature and authentic self shines through : whether through your writing or your interviews. Hugs and best wishes for continued love in your family.

      1. Actually didn’t realise how proud I was until I went telling all and sundry yesterday that my friend is a popular writer 🙂

  2. I heard the interview. Though I knew your story all along it still gave me goose bumps. Kudos to your father in law. Congrats to you!!

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