Accomplishing Writerly Goals: Essay In Adoptive Families Magazine


Earlier this year I shelved the novel I was working on after I realized I was laboring over it. Words stuck, stumbled and died midway on their journey to paper. I started a new endeavor, a memoir which perished quickly and painlessly once I realized I was not yet ready to lay myself unmasked for public consumption. It forced me to confront the darkest parts of me, to put on paper unsavory feelings thereby giving them weight and making them all too real.

I have been writing essays, at least trying to spend time on crafting pieces as opposed to pouring emotions on the page. I pitched a few and the rejection letters were swift and crisp offering no insight into what was lacking. Then one day, there was an acceptance. An essay on adoption I had written will be featured in the December issue of the Adoptive Families magazine.

The link to the piece is here. I will appreciate any insight into what works and what does not. I will also be grateful if you can share the piece.

14 thoughts on “Accomplishing Writerly Goals: Essay In Adoptive Families Magazine

  1. I like what you said about the hyphen defining your family more than anything else. When we talk of a multicultural world – this is what we mean – when children/people learn to accept that their way of life right as is that of the next person even though they aren’t the same. That’s a valuable lesson to learn and I think your kids are fortunate to be picking it up early on.

  2. Congratulations for the piece. I have started to rework on my novel and left the old draft midway to start all over. Memoirs also helps a lot and can be a very soulful experience. I will read your story and thanks for sharing.

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