Gratitude List


I woke up this morning feeling incredibly rested. The clock showed 5:00 AM, far too early to be up on a holiday. I lay in bed, eyes closed but awake trying to put in words the things I am grateful for today. Instead of words, I got a series of visuals akin to watching a movie on fast forward. Clouds zipping through a sky that goes from extreme grey to pools of blue. The trees in my yard growing, leaves falling, barren stick figures stretching to the sky, the new buds showing, full trees bowing under the weight of apples. My driveway bare, chalk marks showing childish scrawls, pink trikes and bikes, shoes, boots and finally a clean garage.

It was as if my life was playing out in front of me, making me watch my children growing and moving away. Strangely, there was no sadness, just peaceful acceptance of what is. I realize that I am probably done living more than half my time on this earth. With that comes the wisdom that allows me to see each day in micro detail, allowing me to bask in its richness and attempt to bottle some of its best parts. It also brings with it knowledge that none of this will matter in the scale of years. These are mere blips on the road to nothingness.

So, on a day that celebrates giving thanks, this is what I am thankful for:

For family that loves me unconditionally.

For friends who keep me grounded.

For food, shelter and clothing that I take for granted.

For wisdom that comes from knowing happiness has nothing to do with what I want and everything to do with what I have.

For that place in life where contentment has settled like a second skin on me.
For perspective that allows me to soak in each moment of the day knowing that these are blips in the panorama that is my life.

PS: As mother of children who boast Native American heritage, here is a link to what the original Thanksgiving looked like and why it has nothing to do with what we celebrate today. Another resource that shows us Native American perspectives on Thanksgiving.

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