3 Quote Challenge: 2


The first time I heard this quote in the movie, it stuck with me. Pithy, profound and applicable to almost everything in my life, I have quoted it to myself more often than I can count.

On the first day home with Ammu and Pattu, I lay on the carpet, the twins crawling around me. It was mid-morning and the sun streamed in through the open windows. As dust mites danced their way down, I wept openly. I wept for all that I had gone through. I wept in exhaustion having been up most of the night with two crying scared babies. It was the moment the impact of what we had done dawned on me. In less than a month we had gone from being a couple to parents of toddlers.

The crushing weight of responsibility made itself felt and the quote appeared vision like in front of my eyes. I have used it as a crutch, reminding myself of the power I wield. It has made me slow down, appreciate the wonder that is parenting.

I often find myself quoting it to my children in the hope that they will aspire to power and use it judiciously.

I tag Shanaya Tales, Suchitra and Rekha this time.

5 thoughts on “3 Quote Challenge: 2

  1. This whole parenting thing can get pretty overwhelming. I love that quote and keep repeating it to my children. It helps that it comes from Spiderman. That somehow makes it more believable to the children.

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