3 Quote Challenge: 1


LG of Gobblefunk Words tagged me on this 3 Quote Challenge where you share a quote that resonates with you for three days and tag other bloggers who would like to participate. So, here goes my all time favorite quote.

This quote came to me at a time when my self esteem was at its all time low. I was 24 years old and a battle weary prospective bride. I had been burned by relationships that I had invested in. I had been engaged to marry only to find out that the family I was marrying into were still stuck in the feudal ages. I had broken it off only to find I had also let my family down in ways I could never fathom. I felt weighed by parental expectations.

People I thought I could count on could not understand where I came from and why I was feeling upset over something that clearly had been a good decision. I felt lost and lonely.

Then along came a friendship that was delightful. Not too close to burn, yet close enough to feel safe. One with acerbic wit and enough humor to make light of any situation. I felt happy. I felt chosen. I felt tamed.

I tag Danielle Dayney, Mixed BagΒ and Shailaja.

5 thoughts on “3 Quote Challenge: 1

  1. I’ve already done this challenge I think. But if memory serves me right, I only did it for two days. Maybe will do the third one πŸ™‚ I loved the quote Laksh and it is so true too. What beautiful things a friendship can bring us. Am honoured you tagged me on this particular quote.

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