On A Writing Break


Yes! Am doing it again this year. On impulse I signed up for the month long writing challenge that if done with dedication will leave me with a novel length manuscript at the end of it. This time around, I am working on a memoir of sorts. I say of sorts because at the moment I am picking memories that stand out in my head and tying a narrative around them. They are loosely linked memories without the flow a chronological narrative will have. I have been at it for three days now and I see with each day my writing is slipping into a blog style piece. I hope I can consciously steer away from it and work on each day’s work as an essay. It is a long road ahead and like my last NaNoWriMo novel, nothing might come out it.

So, while I work away on the memoir, I will be lax about writing on here. I hope to write next week about my experience voting for the first woman President of the US. Beyond that, I am sure I will be counting my blessings around Thanksgiving.

So, have yourself a lovely November and remember to vote if you are a citizen of the US.



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