Kingkiller Chronicles by Patrick Rothfuss – Poetry, Fantasy and World-Building at its best


Early this week, I borrowed the first of Patrick Rothfuss’s books (The Name of the Wind) from my library. I devoured it in less than a day and waited eagerly for the next (Wise Man’s Fear) which I finished reading at 2:00 AM this morning. My brain swirled with Kvothe, Felurian, Auri, Denna, Bast and The Chronicler. The names and places filled my head and my tongue. My imagination is rife with what the next installment of the trilogy will bring.

The Kingkiller Chronicles is referred to as Harry Potter for adults and I can see where that comes from, but it is more. It is about magic but more than that it is about the people, the world they inhabit, the growth of a trouper boy into a legend. It is about fear, bravery and Lethani. It is the finest example of world building I have seen in a long, long while. The language is rich, beautiful and lyrical in parts. It is a song, a paean to the magic that lies in our sleeping minds.

I loved the series and you will too if you enjoy magical prose, dipping into fantasy and exploring worlds that can spark your imagination and drag you headfirst into alien tongues and power beyond what you can comprehend.

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