Kite Strings – Well Written, Niche Story on Relationships


I signed up for a trial version of Kindle Unlimited and picked up a slew of books by Indian authors. Kite Strings by Andaleeb Wajid was one of them.

The story is set in Bangalore and Vellore and features orthodox muslim families. I started the book in the evening and finished it by night. The story moves quickly along, lingering just enough on each character to whet our appetites. By the time I was midway through the narrative, I was invested and rooting for the protagonist Mehnaz.

The language is good, the pacing superb and the locales painted with refreshing imagery. What I liked best about the tale was that this story was not written for an audience. It feels like a story that had to be said and probably flowed from the author’s fingers. I imagine her hunched over her laptop typing away trying to keep up with the pace of her thoughts. There is no sense of stilted conversations or labored over plot devices.

Pick it up if you are looking for a good book by an Indian author. Definitely recommend.

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