Sarvam Krishnarpanam!

#TBT #ThrowbackThursday

Looking back on something I wrote in November of 2007. Only that my children have taken the place of God now.

Off The Beaten Track

God is an ultra personal thing to me. I hate anyone watch me when I haggle with Him/Her. Even when I am in the temple I feel conscious about people watching me mutter under my breath pleading, arguing my case with the powers. So, I usually tend to look nonchalant and hold my conversations inside my mind.

Not so at home. Being the first one up in the morning affords certain advantages. This being one of them. I light the lamps adoringly and watch them flicker and then give out a steady light. I pause and enjoy the effect the little lamps have in the small area I have for them. Then there is this ritual of offering milk to Him/Her before I have my coffee. So, I heat up my milk real well and stir the sugar in and remember to take the spoon out before holding up to…

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