The Muffin

#ThrowbackThursday #TBT

Starting a new tradition of reblogging one of my older posts.

Off The Beaten Track

Its sitting there, right above me on that shelf that houses my snack collection. Taunting me, testing my resolve. I picked it up yesterday morning with my morning coffee at the training place. Playfully I told myself lets see how much you can hold out. Put off opening up the shiny plastic wrap it came in. This was around 10:00 AM yest. Since I already had bread in the morning I told myself I would eat it if I really got hungry. To push myself I even placed it right in front of the monitor where I could see it even if I turned away from the side of my eye.

Lunch came and went, I had my evening tea with wafers which looked very inviting. The muffin lay at my desk. I came back and thought.. if only I hadn’t had those wafers..

Class over at 3:30, I packed…

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