The Connectedness of Us

Often I catch myself looking out the window and pondering on the connectedness of us. I think of trains when I do this. I think of us as journeying together toward destinations unknown. We see, we talk, we connect. We share. We hold hands. We let go. I get off or you do. We board different trains. We meet, we talk, we connect. Occasionally we travel quite a bit, sharing a little more than we do. We leave pieces of ourselves with each person we meet and leave. Sometimes, when the coach is empty, we look out the window and remember the fragments of ourselves we have scattered along the way. New people join us. They leave too. Eventually this journey is all you. And only you.


  1. Love this, resonates a lot and something that has been on my mind for sometime now!

    And that’s why it’s important to be you, to have the courage to listen to yourself, and to believe and be compassionate to yourself.

  2. Such a lovely analogy – but why do I feel melancholy as I finish reading it? Maybe because I don’t want to hear that its ultimately all about just oneself…need to remember that alone does not equal lonely!

  3. We are all alone on this journey of life. Others just join us as co-passengers on the way. I think there’s a Kabir poem to that effect? Not sure.

    Loved this analogy.

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