Of friends, food and fun


We lay across from each other, half reclined, bodies settled in a comfortable nooks as we traded quips, exchanged parenting hacks and talked about our lives. The clock neared midnight and I half expected her to turn into a pumpkin and the weekend to be a particularly pleasant dream from which I was waking. A little past midnight, I crept upstairs in the light of the half-moon that trickled in from the mullioned windows. It took me a while to sleep. My mind played over montages from the past couple of days in a slow-moving track before I succumbed to sleep.

Maha of Thoughts Unlimited arrived with her family Friday around noon. We have met before on two occasions and realized there was a connect. For over a year now, we made plans to meet again, shifting the dates around till this August when it seemed like it would happen. In the run-up to their actual visit, we stocked the fridge, made an effort to clean up and buzzed in anticipation.

From the moment they arrived, we all found our places in this elaborate new relationship dance. The kids allied. Her eldest with Pattu, Ammu with her little one. Laddu seemed to be the center that bound us together. Food, catching up, dinner with other bloggers, sight-seeing, ping-pong, tennis, books and conversations. The two days ran the gamut.

When we waved bye this morning, I realized it is rare to have this kind of a relationship. One in which all sides seek out natural allies. One where kids bond as well as the adults. Most of all, a weekend together where the focus was on renewing those bonds formed virtually.

The week ahead will fly past getting ready for the school year. In the meanwhile, I wonder just for a moment, if we should make this a summer tradition of sorts.


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4 thoughts on “Of friends, food and fun

  1. I know what you mean Enkay. It’s one thing for you and me to bond, after all we have come to know each other through blog posts and conversations. I am happy that the families connected as well. Really cool that we were able to take off for the night out without having to worry about the families. Doesn’t happen often indeed and immensely thankful that it did happen!

  2. Its interesting how this post reflected my weekend as well!! 🙂 I do think its important for parents to get on as well as the kids!!

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