The gift of timelessness


I sit on the stoop by the side entrance, Laddu bouncing on my lap. The morning is crisp and chill as Spring mornings ought to be. I turn towards my driveway and the sun pierces my eye. Squinting, I watch Ammu and Pattu make circles on their princess bikes. In matching pink and purple jackets, the turn round and round shouting in glee as only six-year olds not cognizant of time can. I turn to my left scanning the patch of road visible through the foliage for snatches of bright yellow indicating that the bus is on the way. I am startled by the bright green dappled by the morning sunlight. Birds chirp, land, pick at the grass and fly. The breeze obscures my eye with a loose lock of hair. I push it away and enjoy the lightness of being.

I set Laddu on the grass, her bare feet experiencing the feel of dew laden grass for the first time. Her face is a study in contrasts. Fear at the new feeling, curiosity at the bright green around. Curiosity wins and she bends over to pluck a blade of grass. She turns it over and looks at it with all the wonder in the world. The reverie is broken by the sound of brakes and the momentum of a bus stopping and starting. I wave to the girls and they cycle inside the garage in a fluid motion. As they pass me, a gust of air catches me unawares.

We run, the four of us towards the driveway, a motley crew. Smiles, air kisses and love punctuates the air. I walk back lost in thought. I look up at the garage and for a second feel disoriented. I am not sure what day, time of day or time it is. Being suspended in a state of timelessness, I feel connected to everything and absolutely alone all at once.

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