O Kadhal Kanmani – Just about OK?

My review on O Kadhal Kanmani up here!

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I watched my twitter feed go agog at the first trailer release of O Kadhal Kanmani. Reminiscent of Alaipayudhe was the verdict. I watched from the sidelines as the music release happened and then the movie.

I jumped at the chance to watch the movie with family today and walked out of the theater wondering what the story was about i.e., if there was one at all. The movie was like a montage of pretty romantic scenes. A tribute to Bombay and its rains and trains. The leads lit up the screen with their presence. Their acting was nuanced. All the check boxes indicating a Mani Rathnam movie was checked yet, you kept wanting for something to happen that quite did not.

You want Tara to have a back story. Something that explains her openness to be in a relationship with a man without the constraints of marriage in a…

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