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Yatrik – The Traveller – Interesting Premise

I have followed GreatBong for years on his blog, cherry picking the posts I read. When his first book May I Hebb Your Attention Pliss came out, I made a note mentally to read it but never really got around to it. This past week browsing Kindle Unlimited, I saw that someĀ of his books were […]

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Done, dusted and put away

I check my phone one last time before I call it a day. Washing up before bed, I stand in front of the mirror, the pendant snug against my throat, winking at me. I smile as I hum and wrap myself in fleece. The wishes have been pouring in over the phone, on Facebook, on […]

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Christmas, Musings

Wishlist For Santa

I trudge wearily upstairs, a measuring cup with 2 tsp medicine in it. Pattu looks at me, her cheeks red with fever. She gulps down the medicine as she has been doing the past three days and washes it down with a sip of water. I tuck her back in and get back to the […]

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Year In Review

As 2015 draws to a close, I set time aside for my annual ritual. I scan each month starting with January and realize it has been an eventful year. The brutal cold, mountains of snow and being stuck at home marked the beginning of the year. With the spring thaw came birthdays, dresses, yard work […]

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