Wrapping up

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Emails. Folders. Badges. Tokens.

I had them all cleared, lined up and ready to return. As I shut the laptop with a satisfied click, I realized it marked the end of one period in my life and the start of another. Each eventful in its own right.

Laddu on my hip, I turned my attention to the stove. Sauteing and simmering, I learned to work with one free hand. Laddu squealed and drooled all over my other. The day was punctuated by baby talk, snatches of silence when she slept and the nagging thought “Will I regret this some day?”

Today this feels right. The whole staying home to raise my brood feeling.

All of my life has been a series of misplaced turns that eventually have led me to where I wanted to be, even if it did not feel so at that time. So, I take heart.

The monitor wakes with a shriek from Laddu. I walk upstairs to attend to her. The view from the mullioned window shows grey clouds with the sun breaking in. There is an eerie brightness that reflects my optimism.


A wide toothless grin greets me. I coo and she coos right back. We play for a bit and head downstairs where I do the dishes while she plays in the play pen.

Life is beautiful I realize. Too beautiful to let it pass without pause.


Author. Parent.

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