Unharried moments


In a couple of hours, we will wind down what has been an uneventful yet memorable two weeks of staycation. Each day started predictably with the twins snuggling in bed with us. What followed was largely dictated by the weather and where their rich imaginations led them. Some days they built towers with blocks mimicking daddy’s office. Other days, they rode atop our giant panda and created a zoo in their play room. Sometimes it was makeshift tents created with baby blankets and scarfs. Sometimes we baked, and other times we picnicked in the yard.

Their bedrooms morphed into the great outdoors and their play set outdoors became their school. They splashed in their pool, ran amok in the yard and used rocks as phones and pillows alike. They sprawled out on chairs, counted the clouds, bird watched and followed wriggling bugs. Laughter and screams dominated the afternoons as dad and daughters played hide and seek and tore around the room playing tag.

Time stood still as we became children and they became adults. We learned lessons in tolerance, patience and kindness. It took immense power to resist the lure of electronic devices. We caved some but soldiered on gamely. As today draws to a close, I feel curious mix of elation and melancholy descend on me. Sadness at leaving behind a phase of life we have enjoyed and eagerness to start another so filled with promise.

I set out backpacks, lunch boxes, snacks and cutlery on the island. I check and recheck the instruction sheet for first day of school. I feel my breath catch and a lump in my throat as I print their names in block letters over everything they will take to school tomorrow. I set my alarm and look around the kitchen one last time before I call it a day.

After all, tomorrow is another day.


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