One life to live

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I step outside the garage and walk up to the car as it leaves. My fingers graze the rear end of the car as I blow kisses to its occupants. “Remember to smile” I remind them even as I smile myself. Two bright faces peer out of the rear windows as the car turns and picks up speed. I watch till it disappears and saunter towards the mailbox. I pick up the newspaper from the driveway and walk slowly savoring the morning breeze. It is not 9:00 AM yet and the sun is mellow. Its warmth tempered by the breeze. I stand, letting the air caress me.

I spy the gate to our yard open and decide to walk in the yard before I go inside. The grass feels wet to my exposed feet. Weeds and grass jostle for space throughout. The play set beckons me. I give in and swing for a bit before I move on. Butterflies flutter in and out of the bushes. A swarm of birds near the patio take flight as I walk towards them. The patio chairs are scattered in different directions. Evidence of free play by the twins. I sit on the patio wall and mull it over.

I could get used to this. This living in the moment thing. Joys that peek from unexpected places like the pink soccer balls hidden among the trees that line the yard. The unhurried mornings. The pace for the day dictated by whatever it is I fancy to take on that moment. This feeling of standing still with nowhere to go. No will to go anywhere. Time is marked by hunger pangs rather than the clock. No meetings to rush to. No deadlines staring at me in my face.

I spy my mother with my baby and walk inside. The smile is still playing on my face. I reach out for the baby and stand by the patio screen, the cross ventilation lulling her to sleep. I trace her cheeks and bend down to kiss her. My phone beeps. I scroll through my emails. No word yet on starting work. I feel relief. Then I wonder. Should I be feeling relief? I firmly shake my head. That debate will be for another day. I am far too happy to exhaust myself on rhetorical questions. There is one life to live. Each day counts. So, till things change, yes, I could get used to this life.

This is my entry to Day nineteen of Writing 101 at The Daily Post. Today’s challenge is free writing 400 words or more at one stretch.



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2 thoughts on “One life to live

  1. Love this post – easy to read, interesting, and you stayed in the moment (almost) the whole time. There is no better place to be that will affect our lives than in the now. hanks for the reminder!

  2. Wow you have got a big yard with nice fence all around. Looks like a writer’s retreat 🙂 Is this a gated community you live in?

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