I hang up the phone.

I can almost smell the disinfectant. See the dull grey of the rooms. Hear the monotone of the nurse. Hospitals do that to me. It brings my deepest fears to the fore.


Perhaps it is because I have been in and out of them for a fair share of my growing years. Perhaps it is because I have painful associations with them. Or perhaps it represents loss to me like nothing else.

I fear hospitals. I fear everything about them. The smells, the sights, the emotions. The fears, the hopes, the disillusionment.

Abject surrender. Loss of dignity. A painful reminder that the body is nothing but a vessel.

It comes full circle. Birth and Death. And everything in between.

This is my entry to Day Seventeen of Writing 101 at The Daily Prompt. It asks me to write about my deepest fear.


3 thoughts on “Mortality

  1. very short , neat, and just perfect ! I don’t know how you do it. coz, I can never write anything in brief. I start and go on and on and on, even after my editing and chopping off the extra unwanted lines , I won’t get them short!
    Maybe its’ coz I talk a lot, and so even in my writing I want to give all the information and all the details.. (just thinking on the fly)
    Anyway, very crisp and super writing. Kudos!!

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