Pebbles in the sands of time


I stand by the bathtub watching you massage our baby with oil. The sun streams in from the half-open blinds from the picture window over the tub. The greys in your hair glint as they catch the sun. Your brows are furrowed in concentration as you turn her over and rub gentle circles. A smile plays on your lips and your eyes laugh. You talk to your daughter as pour warm water over her.

Over the years I have seen you morph from staid spouse to laid back dad. From advocating minimalism to mulling over getting a splash pool for the kids. Like pebbles on a beach, we have both had our jagged edges smoothed by life and time. We agree on most things and the ones we do not, we agree to disagree.

As we hit another mile marker on our journey, I stop to take pause. In all these years one thing has remained constant. Our ability to talk. Really talk. Even when the conversations are difficult, we retreat, regroup and deal with it head on. Our circles have shrunk. Our lives have been taken over by domesticity. Kids are our primary focus and strangely, it feels right.

The next decade will see us raise our children through school. The focus will shift from physical nurturing to feeding their intellectual needs. As they head for school, the onus will be on us to shape their beliefs and behavior by living our lives the way we want them to live theirs. Any fears that dwell in my heart are quelled when I realize I have you by my side. We will work our way through this like we have done in the years past. Hand in hand.

I cherish what we have built with every passing year. I have often thought of home as a place. Of late, I realize it is a person. Home is where you are.

Happy anniversary Saathi.



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4 thoughts on “Pebbles in the sands of time

  1. Very Happy Anniversary and wishes for many many more decades of love and togetherness. Both of you make such a lovely couple. For the past year or so I desperately searched for your blog online(I used to read u diligently a few years back and then suddenly due to some glitches I lost the link) but could’t remember the moniker it went by nor your chosen blog handle. So thrilled to have found u via a comment you left on IHM’s adoption post by chance. It was serendipity at its best:-) Love how the girls have grown, are such a source of joy to you and Saathi and the fabulous little new addition to your circle of love.

    Am currently trying to catch up on all your previous posts at night so might get to the new ones only by and by. Have fun with he new ‘un and congrats on a safe delivery.

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