It’s all in my head


I look in the mirror as I get ready to go out for a lunch date with my husband. My red and black dolman sleeve blouse against my black linen pants comes across as too vibrant. I walk down and exclaim “I look like a butterfly!” before I change my mind and run upstairs again.

I change to a cream linen pant with a brown and cream blouse. I feel dissatisfaction run through me. The image in the mirror smirks.

“Since when has grooming mattered to you?”

I feel umbrage. I look at myself critically. There are two images staring back at me now. The one I carry of myself in my head and the other that is who I am.

One sports a white flowy skirt with a brightly patterned colorful shirt. Her hair is loose and falls in soft curls around her neck. Her eyes are lined and her complexion flawless. She wears confidence as her only accessory.

The other looks tired, worn, beat. Matronly.

I comb back the frizz and tie my hair back. I hesitate as I pick up the eye liner and put it back again.

“Why even bother right?” the tiny voice in my head pipes up.

My shoulders slump as I walk down. Thoughts whirl in my head as we drive to the restaurant. The voices in my head clamor for attention.

“Attitude is everything!” claims one.

“A little attention to detail never hurt anyone” pipes another.

We arrive and park. I watch myself reflected from the front glass of the shop. Even as I walk in, the girl in the white skirt throws her hands up in exasperation as she disappears.

This is my response to Day 7 prompt at Writing 101



Author. Parent.

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