Understated, Elegant, Queenly.

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As the weekend wrapped up and the chores for the day were done, I propped my feet up and decided to watch a movie. A luxury I had not had the chance to afford in months now. Streaming from my handheld device, the large TV screen hooked our attention from the word go.

As Rani sat across from her fiance trying to grasp what he was trying to tell her, I fell in love with Kangana Ranaut. Her portrayal of the naive, small town girl raised to be proper was spot on. As she grapples with her feelings in the wake of her called off wedding, I was on that floor with her. Feeling, crying and coming to terms with whatever had happened.

This coming of age story was well told. As Rani traipses through Paris and Amsterdam, I could feel her fear, her angst, her pain. As she stands to cross the road in Paris and later in Amsterdam, I transformed with her from the self-doubt ridden Rani to the confident Queen. The movie was a series of vignettes. Moments that captured the essence of the story so well that the cliché ridden scenes did not register as much.

This movie got it right for all turns the storyline did not take. For economy of words and for beautiful frames that spoke volumes. The casting was excellent and every character lived their roles. The music blended in with the tale and enhanced the visual narrative without being obtrusive.

Beautifully made and told!

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