Meaningful Melodies


Today’s prompt over at Writing 101 takes me back a good decade or more. To a time when I had just discovered music beyond what I saw on television or heard on the radio. It brings back memories of rainy evenings spent browsing the music section of a store I frequented then. Of being lost in lyrics that had my soul crooning along. Of days spent staring at the computer monitor, my mind miles away soaring with the songs. Of living lives that I dreamed about. Of finding soul mates. Of burying angst in borrowed lyrics.

Careless Whispers came my way when I was struggling to figure out relationships. Of trying to reconcile words and actions that sent entirely different messages. As George Michael whispered in my ears, I drowned in the music and gave the swirling thoughts in my head a break. It was also a time when I was figuring out my place in the world. Amongst friends and more than friends.

Sometimes it happens that you stumble into songs that echo your innermost thoughts. Songs that capture the essence of who you are and what you want to be. Words that you could have written yourself. Songs you hesitate to share with others for fear that they will never get it. Affirmation by Savage Garden was that song for me particularly at a time when I was single and ready to mingle. It spelled out how I saw life. It put in words everything I stood for. If anyone had asked me about my belief system, all I had to do was point them to this song.

Then there are songs you like because of associations. Keith Urban’s I Told You So is that song for me. The one that makes me smile each time I listen to it. It reminds me of car rides. Of evenings spent in companionable silence listening to country music. Of gentle teasing. Of shared secrets. It represents a settled time in my relationship. One where I could say “I told you so” without fear of hurt feelings.


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