Kalyana Samayal Saadham – Good fun!


In that hazy hours between three and five in the afternoon when sleep comes abegging, I decided to skip the nap and catch up on a movie that has been doing its rounds in my chat circles. Finally a ‘brahmin’ flick that is enjoyable claimed one. Tamil movies have come of age proclaimed another. I was intrigued enough to forego my beauty sleep for that.

The movie started promisingly enough. By the time it was mid way, I was hooked. Not for the story by itself but for the sensitive portrayal by the leads. What could have been a loud slapstick comedy was treated well. The humor was ever-present yet the underlying story held its own. The movie ended predictably enough but long after the movie was over, I was thinking about it.

When was the last time I had seen a ‘brahmin’ flick and not cringed? When was the last time I had seen a movie that beautifully showcased a budding friendship between fiance and fiancée so well? When was the last time arranged marriages were portrayed so realistically on-screen? Not in my recent memory.

My verdict? Definitely worth a watch.


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