When the forces collude

Recently, I have this new-found love for all things weather. I follow weather pages, twitter handles that discuss weather and scan maps from different models to see what the next week or a few days out will look like. I plan ahead, reschedule doctor appointments and work around having to drive when the roads are slick or snow coated. So, when a bunch of friends where I live planned a happy hour this past Sunday, I was all excited for a break from the kids and all things snow. It started innocuously enough. The weather app hinted at snow. As the day dawned, it seemed increasingly clear the evening would see us snowed in.

I sounded the alarm. Happy hour soon turned into tea with friends in the neighborhood. I was overwhelmed when friends offered to drive me. Email threads rang with laughter of the virtual kind. “Kya? Margarita to Bournvita? LOL” read one. Bundled up, I waited by my mailbox for my ride. Giggling we rode for a minute to the house a street down and got off. Ringing the bell and stepping into opulence, I took my coat off, wide-eyed with wonder on how tastefully done her home was. Stepping into her living room I was commenting on how well her accents set off everything in the room when an incongruous sight met my eyes. My ears registered combined voices yelling “Surprise” and my eyes took in all too much pink and purples. I stopped mid sentence not knowing what was happening.

Then it hit me.

I clutched my abdomen and stood.

Decorations dangled from the light fixture, a small round cake with pink icing proclaimed it was a girl. A banner in pastels adorned the patio door. A scroll with wishes from friends hung by the side. Food and refreshments were arranged in neat trays on the island. It sunk in slowly all through the evening. As we ate. As we played baby shower games. As we traded labor stories. As I stood within my circle of sisterhood laughing and having the time of my life.

This was the first time I had ever had a party thrown for me. All that planning, care, thought and time had gone in so my evening would be special. As I sat on the ornate wooden swing and watched my friends scribble out answers to fun questions about my pregnancy, it hit me that I was incredibly blessed. Blessed with people around me who were happy for me. People who went out of their way to create memories I would cherish for life.

As I stepped off my friend’s SUV laden with food, cake, balloons and keepsakes, my feet sunk into the soft, powdery snow. I watched the vehicle pull away and felt a part of me stay back. As the headlights rounded the bend to their next stop, I went in and let the tears come. In gratitude. In silence.


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