Morning musings

dogglowpetI woke to the pitter-patter of little feet on the carpet followed by a warm body snuggling next to me under the covers. A muted light shone in my eyes. Fluttering my eyelids open, I was treated to a bluish-green radiance coming off the glow-pet that pattu held in her hands. Reaching by feel to turn it off, I edged it out of my eyes. Pattu promptly turned it back on. Content to let it stay like a halo above her head, I was about to close my eyes again when the image in front of me begged to be captured. Bright brown eyes bore into mine. The high cheekbones looked soft and touchable in the mellow light. The eyebrows framed her face and the tousled hair fell all over her forehead. I stared back at the sight in front of me till my lips curved into a smile.

I was wide awake.

“I like you mamma.”

The clear voice cut into the dawn hours. It was spoken simply with no prelude. There was no baggage with that statement. It was just that, a statement. The truth spoken only the way a child could. I like you at this moment. With everything I have got.

I reached out to trace her face and she reached out to trace mine. We lay together, mother and child soaking in the moment of pure love. Of being seen and touched. Of being appreciated for who we were. Unwashed, ungroomed and plain.

It is mornings like these that make me realize the things we take for granted. The baggage we carry in our heads and hearts. It makes me want to be childlike. In giving and demanding attention. In stating what I feel without attaching it to contexts. Of wanting to do away with history in relationships. And start over. From the beginning.


Author. Parent.

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