Home stretch


As I enter the last trimester of pregnancy, there are times I wish I could have journaled the whole ride. I realize a lot of it is TMI and fairly personal which is part of my reluctance to write about it. As I count down the weeks before the little bundle is out, I want to pen some of my feelings down. I will be posting a series of password protected posts. Those of you who want to follow along, do send me a note or leave a comment and I will be happy to share the password with you.


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24 thoughts on “Home stretch

  1. Would love to have the password if you don’t mind! I have been reading you for a long time and reading that you were pregnant made me extremely happy! I wish you a healthy last few weeks and a pain free delivery!

  2. Would love to have the password if it’s okay with you!

    Have been following you for so long. 🙂 that feel like I can’t remember of a time I didn’t know you :):)

  3. Congratulations Lakshmi. Happy to know the gud news. Hope you enjoy every moment of the journey. If possible password please.

  4. First of all…Many Many Congratulations…I’m beyond happy. I’m a long time reader of your blog. I have been down the infertily road and had a little boy this year. Would love to read your pregnancy journey. Password please.

  5. Hi Lakshmi, Have been a silent reader of your blog (as well as of your earlier blog lakshmusings 🙂 ). You have been an inspiration to me, and your posts are thought provoking. Would love to read your posts. Please share the password.

  6. Today marks my first visit to your blog. You write beautifully. You are able to convey your thoughts in such a simple and touching way that leaves me spellbound. I would love to read more of your journey. May I have the password please?

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