Dream like mornings


I look through the wisps of steam escaping from my coffee mug. The girls are bent over their big bear undoing and redoing his bow tie. I gulp down the hot concoction and rinse out the cup before walking towards them with purpose. I gather the two in my arms and kiss them senseless. They are taken by surprise. The morning began with irritability. Annoyance at little things. Raised voices over brushing the teeth. By the time the coffee had warmed my innards, I was in a far better place mentally.

Surprised, they hug me back with warmth, their faces lighting up with smiles. The sun filters in through the semi open windows. I let them play as I move to the kitchen to fix breakfast. Even as I move, I switch the radio on and Taylor Swift croons. The girls stop what they are doing to sing and dance along. I shake my head in amusement and set the pan on the stove. Bread, a slab of butter and a jar of cashew butter line the counter. To the sounds of sizzling butter, the toasts turn up to perfection. Golden, flecked with brown spots, slathered thickly with nut butter.

The kids are at the island now nibbling away at the crunchy edges before sinking their teeth into the luscious center. ‘The Story of my life’ by One Direction is now on. Saathi lifts the remote to increase the volume. Pattu looks on in horror thinking he is switching the radio off. Seconds later, the misunderstanding cleared, three heads in a row keep tune to the music as the plates get emptied.

I walk in circles around the kitchen and family room taking in the scene. Sunlight catches on the golden strands of the twins hair as they play. Their faces look radiant. A smile plays on Saathi’s face as he clears up the table. Music and sunlight fill up the rooms. As for me, I feel a lightness pervade my being. Only one thought remains. This is the stuff of dreams.


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