The year in review

The end of the year brings with it nostalgia. For the days gone past and the milestones left behind. Each year as I stare down the end of December, I give in to a personal ritual. One of reading my posts from the beginning of the year. Re-living the moments, the angst, the happiness, the sadness and filing them away before I start over as a blank page. This year has been momentous for me in many ways. Personal and professional.

January: The year began with a trip to India. One short in duration but packed with happy moments. The highlight was watching cousins bond with each other.

February: February marked a slowing down. Of pace. Of work. Of everything. It was a month filled with cognizance. Of the immediate surroundings. Of life within four walls.

March: The theme of the month was birthdays. Of planning and watching my daughters enjoy their special day.

April: Music, New friends, Pursuit of happiness, New bikes, Everyday struggles, Potty regression. April was a medley. In the best possible way.

May: Mother’s day, Immersing myself in writing fan fiction and enjoying it very much, Going stress free with a break from work, Making memories with kids.

June: Movies, Impromptu lunch dates, New acquaintances, Anniversary, Women’s Web.

July: July saw me take a solo trip for the first time since kids entered our home. It forced me to revisit how much weight Saathi pulled in the home. July also saw me shake off the languor from the past few years and make new friends and put myself out there.

August: Life changes. August threw a curveball none of us expected. The prospect of our family expanding. Instead of feeling thrilled, I felt terrified. The ghosts of infertility past reared its ugly head and I spent most of the first few weeks struggling to deal with unresolved feelings.

September: September was more of the same. It also marked one year of being self-employed.

October: Acceptance and a growing realization of impending changes. Slowly building excitement and slivers of joy creep in.

November: Reading and more reading, Letting go of expectations, Parenting struggles, Temper tantrums, Thanksgiving.

December: Awareness, Slowing down, Living in the now, Love, Family, Daughters, Stirrings of new life within.


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