“What are you thankful for?”

“Family” says Ammu.
“Turkey” says Pattu and runs away with an impish smile.

I look expectantly at Saathi. “For the lovely ladies in my life” he says with a twinkle.

I turn inward.

“What am I thankful for?”

Each year the answer evolves. All years include family, friends and food but each year there is some amount of personal evolution to account for. This year for me it is the ability to love myself for who I am. Warts and all. It is about being able to look at the journey I have been on and feel proud of all the hurdles I have navigated. It is about feeling content. About being in the now. It is about being honest with myself when I do not feel the emotions I am expected to feel. It is also about understanding and letting go of expectations in relationships.

As we get ready to join Thanksgiving dinner at our friend’s home, I wonder about the individual journeys. What is everyone feeling thankful for?

Happy Thanksgiving all!

Mom to three. Open adoption advocate. Writer.

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