Guardian angels


An impromptu food drop off from a friend turned neighbor. A text that says “Vetti? Call??”. Weekly check in calls. GTalk conversations that start with “Oye” and end with a promise to visit. Emails that offer to pick up favorites from a store away from where I live. Unplanned afternoon meet ups. Conversations that hum with honesty and raw emotions.

When I wistfully look at my contact list and wonder about the relationships that could have been but aren’t I remember that ones that are. Over the past few weeks, I have been part of many little acts of kindness. Of food, time, company and words typed over the internet. Each of these interactions have left me wondering if these are guardian angels. Friends with busy lives who pause to acknowledge and touch mine. Souls who brush past my life for a reason. To remind me of the innate goodness in people. To teach me that the longer I look at closed doors, I miss the windows that are open.

Perhaps it is the change in seasons. The piercing chill that has woken something in me. I seem to be aware of a lot of things I have taken for granted in the past. Or it is just that time of the year when things slow down and thankfulness creeps in. Whatever the reason, today’s note is a shout out to the folks who touch my life in small ways and big and make it worth smiling about.


Author. Parent.

3 thoughts on “Guardian angels

  1. You are one such guardian angel for me. Never judgemental with always a kind word, listening ear to all my woes in my drama filled life!! Love & cherish ya!!

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