Twenties Girl – For the free spirit in you


Once in a while you stumble on a book that resonates with you. With the kind of person you were. With the kind of person you are. Twenties Girl was that for me. Standalone, it falls under rom-com, chick-lit, beach read or any term you use for feel good, light reading. To me, it was an escape. A book I read chuckling out loud. It reminded me of the way I sometimes feel. A free spirit trapped in a staid, matronly persona.

For a few hours yesterday, long past the kids bedtime, I sat in my study, eyes glued to my monitor as I devoured words and my mind was in faraway London. Even as the story hurtled towards its predictable, foregone conclusion, I remained invested, rooting for Lara and Sadie. When she finally finds closure, I sighed with contentment.

This morning as I did the dishes, I kept going back to parts of the book where the author injects commentaries on our current day lives and even as you mull over the snippets, she winks and is gone.

Pick it up if you are in the mood for a light read. Specially if like me, your mind often disappears into a world of its own.

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