Will you be a Secret Santa?

Rads of tunneling thru’ is hosting an online Secret Santa. If you, like me enjoy sending and receiving gifts, join in. Let’s celebrate the spirit of giving this holiday season.

tunneling thru'

So, one thing led to another, as they always do on twitter, and here I am hosting a Secret Santa gift exchange for the holiday season coming up right around the corner!  🙂

This post is to see who all would be interested in participating. This isn’t for all, coz there is some amount of trust, faith and giving that is involved, and if you aren’t entirely comfortable about ME knowing who you are and where you live, then I’d suggest you not sign up.

I am a grounded sane woman and if you knew how to click a few links around, you’ll get my whole history and my grandma’s as well to boot! I am Rads, and live in DC Suburbs, with 3 kids and a dog and am generally considered to be a gregarious, fun and funny person and oh trustworthy too. That’s all I can tell, and…

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3 thoughts on “Will you be a Secret Santa?

  1. Hmm I like it too but only when it is for the needy. Otherwise we are just going to add junk at each others plac making it Another commercial ploy please reconsider.

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