1. This a rhetoric all of us have in life, no matter where we live. I live in India, and I have the very same questions as you in a different land.

  2. I believe language is very important and strongly believe there are some great things about our tradition that our children could benefit by. Every other ethnic group continue to pass on their culture even if they live somewhere else – be it the Irish, Muslim, Jews, etc. You can still embrace the good of the culture where you live in without it having to come at the cost of your own culture. Unfortunately the Hindus seem more conflicted about this and that is regrettable given the rich heritage of Hinduism.

    We should make every effort to to teach our kids our language while not discouraging them to learn other languages.

    I could argue by not trying to have your kids learn your language, you are still influencing them one way or the another.
    Good luck!

    • Anony, I wish I felt the fervor you express when you write about this. That is the thing. I am ambivalent. I feel no push or pressure to raise my kids one way or another. I feel by virtue of being raised in my house they will imbibe the language, religion and food. I am not sure I want to push them to ‘learn’ a specific way of life that is not the norm now. It has nothing to do with being Hindu or any irreverence for the culture I was raised in. Just questioning as I feel I do not have the answers I need to nudge me one way or another.

      I guess part of me demurs from being an active proponent of whatever it is that is peddled as culture because I see things I do not agree with on principle.

      Again, this whole parenting gig is for me to unlearn and relearn a lot of things and I do that by asking questions.

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