Lifting fog

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It is Thursday evening. The skies are cloudy, a drizzle settling in. “Yeh jo desh hai mera” playing on the new system. Dinner is ready. I sit on the recliner, laptop on my lap and reflect on the past few weeks. I flip through my phone and notice a lot of new numbers. New friends. New circles. The changes have been slow and steady. Creeping up on me and surprising me at the least expected moments.

Tomorrow I get to meet a stranger for lunch. Someone I ‘friended’ on impulse. I smile as I say this. It reminds me of the girl I was fifteen years ago. Someone who measured her worth by the number of friends she had. Someone who could connect easily and swap life stories with random strangers on the bus or train.

I pause and shake the reverie off. Strains of “Nahin Saamne” fill the air. The past few years have seen me hunker down and wait for the storm to pass. Now that the sun is out and the birds are singing, I see my old soul peek out from within. Music fills my life and I dance away my worries.

The moment is transient and I indulge without regrets. Each day is a reminder of the gifts I possess. Of the blessings I have been fortunate to receive. Gone is the fear of what tomorrow will bring. I am aware of each moment. Aware of the little things like dewdrops and overgrown grass. Appreciative of the intangibles like friendship and camaraderie.

This too will pass but I will make hay while the sun shines.


  1. Hey it is great to see you start blogging again. Why didn’t you keep your old domain – anyways it is great to catch up on all the posts since mid last year or so.Keep it up.

    1. Welcome back! I lost my old domain and could not get it back. Oh well! Life goes on. Hope all is well with you.

      1. well I told you so. I remember posting on your old domain saying “hey why dont you just save this domain just in case you change your mind” 🙂

        Anyways what’s in a name after all? 🙂

  2. I can’t help but smile as I read this post. I hope the sun shines for a long long time & you make hay! 🙂

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