Airbrushed reality


I snuck back home a little before 1:00 AM this morning. As I slipped under the covers, in the last few moments before sleep claimed me, my thoughts about Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani was that it was airbrushed reality.

Sitting in my patio, sipping on hot kaapi, watching the kids pick wildflowers for me, I went back to the movie I had caught the past night. The kind of movie I would have loved to go to with a significant other and come back home and dissect. You see, a decade or more back, the questions that circle the periphery of the movie would have held a lot more weight in my mind. As a young woman waiting to step into adult responsibilities, with no clear idea of what I wanted out of life, these were the precise questions that riddled me.

I was in love with the idea of LIVING life. Travel. New experiences. Love. I looked at life with rose hued glasses. There was a part of me like Naina that was afraid to put myself out there. The inner me leapt out and danced to music. It went on treks to Manali. It craved the ease with which men and women were friends. The real me stood on the sidelines, made peace with my circumstances and was distinctly uncomfortable with physical contact.

Like Avi, I struggled when friends I had pegged my life to went ahead fulfilling dreams while I felt left behind. Like Aditi, I found love in unexpected places. There was a part of me in different frames nodding, empathizing and smiling.

Yet, sitting down to type up what I felt, I realize that is what it was. Airbrushed reality. Parts of your life that stands out in relief. The not so glossy parts hidden away. The tears I choked back, the words I swallowed back when I wanted to say them. Hidden away. Masked by inane moments.

Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani is worth a watch. Just keep your expectations low and prepare to be surprised.


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One thought on “Airbrushed reality

  1. Not too much of a fan of either lead characters. I might catch it when it comes on small screen :). Though the comment here is more about your analysis. Agree about the rose hued glasses. Though may be the girl in me still believes in love. Wishful thinking?!? I don’t know. I still want to travel. I have existed so far, I want to live life with no regrets. I want to give the best to A but not give up on my life. I probably might blog a few years may be as soon as next month something on how reality is this type! Can’t explain but kinda feel that you do get what I am saying :).

    If and when I do see the movie will let you know what I thought after watching 🙂

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