The lightness of being

I set my laptop on the kitchen island, set the saute pan on the stove and turned the music on. As I tempered and seasoned the vegetables, I swayed to the music. I let the music possess my soul and let go of inhibitions.

“Mommy look! I do just like you!”

I turned to see Ammani and Pattani mimicking my every move right down to lip syncing the words. I rushed to grab my phone and capture the moment. Even as I reached out, I realized there were moments that could not be captured. Like the lightness of being I felt dancing with my children and cooking. The brightness of the sun outside. The sounds of construction nearby. The freedom of being that inhabits my soul today.

I put the phone back and turned down the stove even as I scooped up Ammu and swayed with her.

“Do me. Do me!”

Pattu tugged at my tee wanting to be held just as Ammu was held. I took turns carrying, twirling and letting go. As the song ended and a slower track started, all three of us fell to the floor with the fan whirring above us. I ran my fingers through sweaty hair as the girls lay on my tummy.

Years will pass and this will be one of the million memories I make with the girls. Yet, each will be special. Each marking a notch on the marker called life. As I age and grow, these are what I will measure my worth with.

Suddenly, that makes me very happy.


Author. Parent.

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