Starting albeit hesitantly

Months ago, I wrote about a Hindi serial that had captured my imagination so much that it caused me sleepless nights. The soap ended and I went back to my life. Occasionally I would watch episodes that I liked and read analysis of characters. That is till I discovered fan fictions. I googled, hunted and devoured them till I started toying with the idea of writing one myself.

The idea would not let go of me. I pushed it away, laughed at myself and stayed quiet. Yesterday evening, it struck me that for someone who writes a lot about writing, why was I not taking the plunge? Was I scared that I would be derided? Was I afraid to put myself out there?

My internal dialogue went back and forth and I decided to give it a shot. The worst that could happen was that I would stop halfway or I would get snarky comments. So, donning my brave persona, I started. Albeit hesitantly.


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