One year of (s)mothering

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Dear Ammu and Pattu,

This Sunday is Mother’s Day.

It will mark one more year of (s)mothering you with love and food. One year of worrying about potty training you and feeling elated when you graduated to underpants. One year of you sleeping all by yourself in your own bed. One year of eating by yourself.

One year of taking baby steps towards independence.

The past year has been momentous. You both went from toddlers to preschoolers. From baby lisp to actual talking kids. From trying to figure out alphabets to confidently calling them out wherever you see them. From pretend reading picture books to cajoling me into reading you books every night before bed. From tantrums to negotiations.

As a mom I have gone from being overwhelmed to learning to take deep breaths. From wondering if I should enroll you in classes to going with the flow and making each day an experience in learning together. From holding back to giving in. From matriarch to a child at heart. From being glued to my iPhone to blowing bubbles and riding a bike.

If the past year is any indication, I think we are going to have a ‘fun’tastic time growing up together.

Thank you for adopting me and making me a mother.




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