I parked the car and walked rather jauntily to the local clothing store. Browsing the aisles, I picked a piece here, a piece there and hummed a nameless tune to myself. I was in good spirits. The kind that comes from a good lunch with friends with whom you can have a conversation. The kind of lunch that drags out to a good two hours and you leave happy and satiated. Not just the tummy of course.

I held out the pieces I held in my hands looking at them critically. Looks OK I think to myself and make my way to the cash counter. The phone rings and I smile when I see the number. Holding the phone to my ear, I finger the pretty cotton dresses and rock star jeans as I pause to finish my conversation.

A bit of bling catches my eye. I shift attention from the clothing to the accessories. A section I normally am blind to. Baubles of all sorts, shapes and colors twinkle and vie to catch my attention. I am drawn to a big bold piece. I pick it up, turn it over scanning for the price. I smirk looking at the number. I put it back and walk up and down looking at other pieces. The bracelet mocks me.

I pick it up again and on an impulse decide to buy it.

photo (21)

Back home I put away my purchases leaving the sole bracelet on the island. It sits there a reminder of the times that I missed out on. The years of austere abstinence from all things bling.

I slide it on my wrist looking critically. I like it I decide and put it away. The coming spring seems not just to herald a change in the weather. Perhaps colors and pretty dresses are in my future too?


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One thought on “Baubles

  1. that is pretty, May I request a follow up post to this, with a pic of this beauty on the real beauty’s ( the proud owner of it) hand please? indulge me..

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