Visceral reminders

Walking back into the house after seeing the kids and spouse off, I did all the things I normally do i.e., pick up clothes and toys littered on the floor, switch of lights and look around before I get started on my day. Out the corner of my eye a bright swatch of color caught my eye. Stopping to find out what it was, I neared the kitchen island to find a little doll fast asleep in her toy bed.


I stood there for the longest time taken aback by the visceral reminder of the blessings in my life. Having jumped through hoops to become a mom, I am very cognizant of how precious this happiness is. Yet, it is not often that I stop to acknowledge it.

It takes visual reminders like the one today to make me stop in my tracks and say it aloud. To experience that sense of gratitude that washes over me till I feel overwhelmed. To close my eyes and savor the feeling of bliss on seeing the tiny clothes and cereal crumbs on the floor.


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