Left with a couple of hours to kill in a waiting room, I dutifully turned to Facebook and my email. What started as a simple response to an email snowballed into a flurry of emails. Switching off the iPad, I gazed at a corner of the wall and took stock of the situation. The solution was simple in its clarity. If this was something I was unwilling to spend time and mind space on, did I really need to be part of it?

Two clicks and it was done. I removed myself from a group of which I was an active participant of. I was amazed how easy it was. Years back I would have agonized over something similar. I would have spent time and energy clarifying my position and waiting for acceptance. No half measures here I thought to myself.

On my drive home, I mulled over it. I realized that years of learning to establish my identity and learning to value myself were finally paying off. I no longer feel apologetic about removing myself from situations where I feel I offer nothing. I also surprisingly seem to have very little tolerance for drama and emotional baggage.

Back home and washing suds off the dinner plate in the sink, I realized how much I have changed. Detached seems to be the word for the year for me. While I value relationships, I also find it very easy to disconnect and start anew without regrets. Perhaps it is a sign of growing up? Cynicism maybe?


  1. Good for you. Signs of maturity and aging in a positive sense. I agree with decreasing tolerance to drama.Not sure if I am there yet with detaching though..can’t easily detach myself..but I feel I am not too involved anywhere myself over the web.

  2. I did the exact same thing a couple of years back. Closed all my social networking sites in a few clicks because they were removing me too far from the “now”. Haven’t regretted it one bit.
    Not sure if mine is a case of “detachment”.

  3. I think it is part of growing up and becoming more mature and also it is part of who you are. Life throws so many things at us and we are lucky to be able to hold onto all the good parts of it. If this is not something that you want anymore nothing wrong with moving on 🙂 I enjoy this feeling as well whenever i do it..

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